Window Cleaning Services In Johannesburg

We strive for perfection in everything we do.
AQUAGLEEM embeds the values of appearance and aesthetics as part of the core competencies of any good or great looking business or home. Clean and Clear windows shows great appreciate for appearance, this is what we thrive on providing to our clients.

Our strong understanding for service delivery and personalised attention allows us to ensure that we deliver not just great but exceptional service.

We are a LEVEL 3 BBBEE certified with 52% black female ownership with 110% BBBEE recognition.


The very best in Window cleaning solutions, we cater to the larger commercial applications or residential complexes and homes – we are able to specify and supply, complete industrial and home care personalised window cleaning services.

For the home-owner looking for a hassle free and easy on your pocket window cleaning services; or the manager in a corporate, looking for a professional and cost-effective way of keeping your Corporate Identity Unique – We can advise on the best window cleaning solution.

We can tailor a solution that meets your needs.

We are recommended by the best in the business.